Consumer Lawyer in Navi Mumbai

If you need any guidance with a matter relating to Consumer Protection, then you have landed at the right place. Consumer protection laws are designed to protect consumers from scams and frauds. The Consumer Law seeks to protect the consumer’s interests and also oversee the companies that they market or advertise their products and services in a realistic manner giving value to the end consumer.

If an act, product, or service has violated your consumer rights, then our proficient Consumer Lawyers in Navi Mumbai can help you. A consumer has a Right to Safety, Information, and Consumer Education. Often vendors or service providers default in providing the right products or services. These include Expired goods, misleading claims related to the quality, or demand large sums of money fraudulently. However, it is subject to punishment under Consumer Law.

ParthaSaarathi LLP is an Advocacy Law Firm that strives to protect and broaden the rights and powers of consumers. ParthaSaarathi LLP handles various types of consumer cases. These include false advertising, product liability, consumer fraud, professional negligence, and business scams. We have a team of skilled consumer lawyers and paralegals capable of providing end-to-end solutions in any type of consumer grievance. ParthaSaarathi LLP represents the consumers and also the service providers if the consumer is misusing the law for personal gains or other motives in any dispute.

Let’s discuss some of the sectors where consumers are often cheated and how ParthaSaarathi helps consumers get justice.

1. Consumers are often forced to pay high electricity bills for unused services. Similar is the situation of many telephone consumers.

2. Retailers exploit consumers through the MRP printed on the packet with the phrase ‘local taxes extra.’ It provides vast scope for profiteering.

3. The ISI handles setting and implementing standards for manufacturers. It has failed to address consumer issues or have any tangible impact on the manufacturers despite decades of its existence.

4. Household gadgets, many times, are not only of inferior quality but pose a threat to the life of the consumer. Selling defective home appliances and expired medicines are examples.

5. Adulteration and impurities: Adulteration is done in costly items as oil, ghee, milk, spices, etc. to earn higher profits. This affects consumer’s health and their money goes to waste.

6. Lack of safety devices: Electronic goods produced locally lack the required inbuilt safeguards, which may cause accidents.

7. Unsatisfactory after-sales service: Many suppliers do not provide satisfactory after-sales service in case of expensive electronic equipment, home appliances, and cars, etc.

8. Duplicate Goods:  Customers face a major problem of duplicate goods. Unethical producers duplicate popular brand names, and thereby customers get cheated. Even products like medicines are duplicated by illegal producers.

9. False or Incomplete Information: Sellers sometimes mislead people by giving wrong information about the products, price, quality, safety, expiry date, maintenance costs, etc.

10. Real Estate Consumer Grievances: Consumers invest their hard-earned money in real estate projects only to find themselves at the receiving end due to:

  • delayed possession
  • construction defects
  • leakage issues
  • denial of conveyance deed by the builder
  • compensation issues and more

Why are Consumers cheated?

Consumers are cheated or deceived due to:

  1. Lack of information
  1. Excessive information
  2. Misinformation from one or several competing producers
  1. Consumers are widely scattered and they are not united. As against this the producers are organized and united. Because of various reasons, it is not possible for consumers to come together & fight. This results in consumer exploitation.

At PaarthaSaarathi LLP we consult consumers on the effective means of obtaining compensation for damages or inconvenience caused by defective products and services, deficiency in services through: 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution as first priority and Litigation mode as the last option.
  • Initiate proceedings by sending a resolution proposal by way of Legal Notice by Registered Post.
  • If there is no response for a resolution meeting then immediately draft & file the Consumer Complaint in the Consumer Forum at District, State, or National level depending upon the monetary value.
  • Intimate the other side by Email/Letter about filing the official Complaint along with the usual Court Notice.
  • Pursue & Follow up the Case on a war footing by appropriate Pleadings, Oral & Written Applications, Evidences, Written Arguments, Final order & Execution, Appeal / Review if needed till we achieve justice for the Consumer.

ParthaSaarathi also works with small and medium businesses (SMEs) to:

  • Take adequate measures during contract negotiations
  • Review their marketing policies, practices, programs
  • Risk mitigation measures that might affect short and long-run consumer satisfaction.
  • We bring together representatives of Governments, Businesses, Independent Organizations, Lawyers, and Mediators. All of them have a role in protecting consumers’ rights on one platform for solving consumer complaints through dialogue and communication on a priority basis. 

We are concerned with protecting consumers from all organizations with which there is an exchange relationship. With more information and awareness about goods and services, unfair trade practices, and deficiency in services in general, producers and sellers will not take the consumer for granted. Ultimately, they will stop any unfair trade practices if it is happening.

Adv. Viraj Patil, our brilliant Consumer Rights Lawyer in Navi Mumbai represents Consumers at the receiving end in the Consumer Court. He fights for your rights as a Consumer. Advocate Viraj Patil is the Co-founder & Senior Partner of ParthaSaarathi LLP. He is among the Best Advocates in Navi Mumbai.

If you’re cheated by any service provider or forced to pay additional costs, don’t worry the Consumer Court will help you get justice in a timely and effective manner.


With the help of our expert consumer lawyers in Navi Mumbai, you can file a complaint in a consumer court against an online shopping website. First, you must pursue redressal by contacting the e-commerce website’s customer service department through phone or e-mail. By doing so, you’ll be able to share your complaint on social media while also tagging the brand in question. As an alternative, make an online complaint.

A consumer protection complaint must be filed within two years of the occurrence of the cause of action. However, if the complainant convinces the District Forum that they have a reasonable justification for not filing the complaint within the two-years, the complaint can be filed later. The explanation for the delay in filing should be given, and it should be fair.

You may lodge an appeal against the district forum’s orders with the state’s Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission.

A consumer dispute arises when the person who is the subject of a complaint denies or contests the complaint’s claims. However, there will be no consumer dispute if the other party does not refute the allegations contained in the complaint.