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ParthaSaarathi is primarily a Legal e-consulting LLP Firm. Advocate Viraj Patil Co-Founder of the Law Firm and his efficient team of Legal and Para Legals are one of the Best Advocate in Navi Mumbai. 


We have a leading team of Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Counsellors, and Consultants with specific Industry Experience to solve client's problems and increase their overall Efficiency. We provide services related to Property, Consumer, Family, Recovery of Money, and Startup registration, compliance, and advisory.  


ParthaSaarathi's primary focus is on resolving the disputes of people by first providing them proper advice by giving them clarity about the possible Legal remedies ( Both Court and Out of Court Resolution Mechanisms), Case Outcomes, Timelines & Costs so that the Client can make a wise decision what solution suits them best. 


We have one of the best advocate in Navi Mumbai and the entire firm is experienced in serving people & Institutions across Maharashtra for over a decade. The firm has the dedicated Resources and Commitment required to meet all client requirements.   


Why Choose Us? 

Firstly, we try and understand the client's specific needs & priorities. We then provide them the most useful & practical option by trying to resolve their dispute by Out of Court Resolution Mechanisms as much as possible.  


If the Resolution Mechanism fails or if the client specifically asks us only then we suggest them the option of Court Case. We keep exploring throughout the journey of the Case whether there can be any chances of settlement or resolution instead of fighting cases for many years in property, consumer and family matters. This method of handling cases has earned us reputation of being one of the best advocate in Navi Mumbai.

Apart from the past or present dispute we navigate our clients in such a way that they don't have to face any court case in the first place by Preventive Legal Advice, Proper Documentation wherever necessary & Follow-up & Reviewing the Client's Actions. In this way, we empower our clients who face any kind of problem in property, family, consumer law related matters and structure their Life & Businesses/Career in a manner that will ensure progress and prosperity.


A person can suffer a lot mentally while going through a litigation process as one goes through tremendous stress and extreme emotions like anger and grudges about the opposite party. There can be financial issues, the relationships are also at stake. All of this takes a toll on the day-to-day life of a normal person. We, at ParthaSaarathi, understand this emotional roller coaster our clients go through. Hence, ParthaSaarathi has special Collaborations with special organizations and institutes to help and guide them in their entire legal journey. 


We have collaborated with Quokka Mind Wellness to help our clients not only to resolve the disputes in their lives but also to maintain their mental health and peace. All these special services are completely complimentary and we do not charge any additional fee for all such arrangements. Due to these qualities, our clients vouch for us being the best advocate in Navi Mumbai. Our clients are our biggest priority and we strive each day to make their legal journey as smooth as possible.


Adv. Viraj Patil Co-Founder & Senior Partner of ParthaSaarathi Disputes Resolution LLP is a Gold Medalist in Law LLB (2008) & Master in Laws LLM specializing in Human Rights & International Laws from National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bangalore, India's Premiere Legal Institution.


He is a Practicing Advocate for the last 11 years in Bombay High Court, Trial Courts, RERA, Consumer Forum and has a strong knowledge of Property Law, Consumer Law, Matrimonial Law & Money Recovery Law.


Adv. Viraj Patil has been an In House Counsel with Corporate Indusind Media and Communications Andheri, (Hinduja Group) & currently a Retainer to Chirpn Tech Solutions & Services Pune & CMS Connecting Commerce Navi Mumbai. He possesses a strong knowledge about the legal aspects governing a corporate organization and has been helping Companies & Startups with Registrations, Legal Documentation, Compliances & giving them legal consultancy on business structuring, company policies, risk assessment & mitigation which makes him one of the best lawyer in Navi Mumbai.   


He is also a Legal Consultant to Co-Operative Housing Societies. He advises the Societies and Managing Committees on matters falling within the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960 & 2014 Bye-Laws. He supervises property transfers, rent procedures, share transfers, and compliance with the authorities.


ParthaSaarathi provides assistance by the best consumer lawyer in Navi Mumbai for delayed possession by the builder, complaints against societies, medical/ clinical negligence complaints, Personal injuries resulting from defective products. We also provide Non-Litigation services like educating & guiding consumers about misleading advertisements, consultations for making people aware of consumer rights, filing complaints to the grievance redressal committees & Banking ombudsman.

ParthaSaarathi provides both Litigation and Non Litigation services through the best Property Lawyers in Navi Mumbai. Property Litigation like Suits for Ownership & Possession, eviction of Tenant, and increase in rent. Along with that, complete new & resale Property Purchase documentation, CIDCO transfer, Agreement to Sell, Sale Deed, Conveyance Deed, Leave & License Agreement, Rent Agreement, Partition Deed, Family Settlement Agreement, Gift, Will, Power of Attorney, Succession & Heirship Certificate, etc.

Legal Documentation Services

Company Secretarial Services

Tax Compliance Services

IPR Compliance Services

Legal help for Startups in their business formation and statutory legal compliances helps in building a solid foundation and results in hassle-free operations which further enables founders/ promoters to focus on the more important tasks such as hiring, funding and finance, and other processes to enable growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A consumer protection complaint must be filed within two years of the occurrence of the cause of action. However, if the complainant convinces the District Forum that they have a reasonable justification for not filing the complaint within the two years, the complaint can be filed later. The explanation for the delay in filing should be given, and it should be fair.

Application to the Society along with an affidavit if required and if Society denies then file a grievance before the District Deputy Registrar of the area. If there is any loan against the property Share Certificate will be with the concerned Bank. 

A consumer protection complaint must be filed within two years of the occurrence of the cause of action. However, if the complainant convinces the District Forum that they have a reasonable justification for not filing the complaint within the two-years, the complaint can be filed later. The explanation for the delay in filing should be given, and it should be fair.

The Court Fees for Mutual Consent Divorce are nominal though the professional fees are in the range of Rs.25,000/- - Rs.50,000/- depending upon the age & experience of the professional.  


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