Family Law - Matrimonial Case

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Age & Gender: 65, Female


Service: Housewife


Problem Statement: Domestic violence at the hands of Husband, Son (Family) and his wife.


Detailed Case Description (Facts): Mrs X at this age has had to suffer domestic violence and assaults at the hands of her husband, son and daughter in law as the real motive behind the dispute seems an evil eye on property and appropriation of pension and other benefits of husband by one son & his wife.


Documentation: FIR, NC and Charge-sheet, Photographs of Violence, Video & Audio evidence along with transcripts, Aadhar and Pan Card.


Consultation and Counselling: When mediation failed we advised the Client to file a Domestic Violence petition against her husband and son & wife along with FIR and NCR.


Court Hearing / Mediation and Out-of-Court Settlement: Court Hearing (JMFC)


Outcomes of the Case: Secured residence order and maintenance order in Mrs X favour. When the husband refused to pay the arrears of maintenance and absconded we got his 50% pension attached and directly transferred to Mrs X's account through a Court order.

 10.Client Feedback: She is satisfied with the efforts taken by the legal team of Parthasaarathi LLP since now she feels safe and importantly getting regular monthly financial support courtesy of a favourable court order.


Timeline: 2 years


Costs incurred: Rs. 30,000 - Rs. 1,00,000 

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