Consumer Law - False Claim

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Client Name: Director of XYZ Pvt Ltd


Age & Gender: 31 years, Male

Service: Travel Business

Problem Statement (One-liner): A customer of our Client Company had entered into a contract with our client company for availing tour packages along with incidental benefits. That customer filed a false claim in Consumer Court regarding benefits like 5-star dinner, stay in 5-star resorts, Movies of choice by making wrong interpretation of some clauses in the agreement with a travel company.


Detailed Case Description (Facts): XYZ Pvt Ltd a travel company entered into a contract with customers for arranging tours in India & abroad. Along with the basic tour package, there were some additional benefits to consumers of premium packages subject to certain terms & conditions. The customer of our client clearly was not eligible for those benefits and was trying to take undue advantage by making wrong interpretations of some clauses and some negative reviews given in the past by other customers. XYZ Pvt Ltd refused to give those claimed benefits on the basis of the contract.


Documentation: Travel Company -  Customer Agreement, Email correspondence between Company & Customer, Legal notice to the Client Company & Company reply to that legal notice, Postal Receipts, Board Resolution.


Consultation and Counselling: We advised the client company to be patient and explain clearly the meaning of those clauses in the agreement since the customer is a god in the service industry and his grievances need to be resolved. Later when the dialogue didn't reach resolution we proceeded to file our reply to the consumer complaint filed by the customer of our client company.


Court Hearing / Mediation and Out-of-Court Settlement: Court Hearing before the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.


Outcomes of the Case: We successfully defended our client Company by explaining to the Court the right interpretation of disputed clauses of the agreement and importantly also managed to remove the negative perception created against our client company created previously because of some negative reviews & similar complaints and requested the Court to consider our case on its own merits.


Client Feedback: The client company was extremely happy because the negative perception, reviews & false complaints filed against it had started to seriously affect its reputation in the market & thereby affected business. Later client company offered Parthasaarathi LLP for a monthly retainer ship.


Timeline: 1.5 yrs.


Costs incurred: Around Rupees 1.5 lakhs.